Flame Yacht Charters     1956 Feadship

A unique vacation on a one of a kind yacht
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Water sports

Tubing aboard a BVI crewed charter yacht

Flame has an eighteen foot, hard bottom inflatable dingy with a  90 HP engine. Captain Dave will take you water skiing and tubing. For the advanced snorkelers we have a dive plane: an M shaped plane that is towed slowly behind the dingy. The snorkeler holds on to the plane and tips it down to descend and up to ascend. For those who want to explore the undersea world alone, Flame has a large inventory of snorkel equipment able to Hanging in the wateraccommodate almost every size and shape guest ( to make sure we can outfit you, Snorkeling of a BVI charter yachtfill in your shoe size on the preference sheet !). Just about anyone who can swim can learn to snorkel, and with thirty odd years experience, Captain Dave is the perfect teacher!

If all this sounds just too energetic then slide onto a float and laze away the day. We’ll swim the frozen drinks out to you!

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