Flame Yacht Charters     1956 Feadship

A unique vacation on a one of a kind yacht
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Q.. How fast does Flame go?

A. We run about 8-8.5 knots

Q. How far can we go in a week?

A. We have found that moving for about an hour after breakfast and and hour after lunch is a comfortable time for most people.  With two hours moving time we can easily go from St. Thomas to the Bitter End in Virgin Gorda and back (while visiting many of the interesting islands in between.  That said, we can move more each day (we do not limit engine running time as other power boats) if you enjoy a longer boat ride.  If you have booked a shorter week please remember we may not be able to get to all of your destinations.

Q. Can we go to Anegada?

A. Of course!  We can visit any of the Virgin Islands.  A trip to  Anegada will take up to four hours and, on a seven night vacation, will limit the other places we go but the choice (as always!) is yours!

Q. How much does a vacation on Flame cost?

A. It will vary as to the number of guests in your party, but the average cost is $485 per person, per day

Q: Do I need to bring a hairdryer?

A: No we provide a hairdryer in each stateroom

Q: Do I need to bring beach towels?

A: No we have beach towels and beach mats.

Q: What sort of suntan lotion should I bring?

A: Non-spray types please.  NO self-tanning lotions and no oils.  We do have some in stock on the boat but we strongly urge you to bring also (you can NEVER have too much sunblock!).

Q. Is there a place I can buy toiletries, etc., when we arrive?

A. Yes.  Directly across the street from the American Yacht Harbor, where we will meet you, is a grocery store and pharmacy.

Q. Do you stock any toiltries?

A. Yes, we provide shampoo (usually Panteen..unless it is out of stock!) and conditioner as well as  bar and liquid hand soap.  We also have a small basket of travel sized items in each stateroom.  The selection varies as the stock in the store varies (Here in the islands inventories in stores are rarely the same week to week.  Shopping is a bit of an adventure!).

Q: What sort of luggage should I use?

A: Storage space is VERY limited and we recommend duffle types (not roller kinds that have frames which are hard to store).

Q: What should I pack?

A: You need much less clothing than you expect.  Several bathing suits, a few shorts and t-shirts, one long sleeved shirt (to protect you from the sun or from the wind at night) and one light weight pair of long pants should be enough.   Flip-flops or Crocs are a great choice for footwear because they slide on and off easily (we ask that you remove your shoes inside the boat) and can be worn in the water.  Water shoes are also a good idea and if you plan on hiking or running, jogging shoes may be necessary.

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